Unveiled Shard Gear for Forsaken World

Forsaken World has unveiled Shard Gear. Throughout the game, players can find shards through natural game progression and as drops from elite mobs.

Once accumulated, shards can be turned in for special sets of gear.

In nearly every map in Forsaken World, elite mobs are roaming alongside their regular counterparts. These elite mobs can drop some neat stuff, but most importantly, they drop specific types of Shards that can be traded in for set gear. The type of shard you get is dependent on the level of the elite mob, so shoot for higher level elites if you need a higher level set!

These shards can be traded in at a set of merchants located near the boat in Freedom Harbor. These merchants offer equipment divided by level range, from the lowest to the highest. You'll need the required number of shards, along with a small fee of Soul Coins in order to purchase these items. By far the easiest way to get nicely geared up, farming shards is a great way to ensure that you go into any instance or dungeon in perfect fighting form.

As an added bonus, you'll be given a handful of shards for free by simply leveling up your character and opening your supply stash every five levels. You'll get free Obsidian Shards and Red Spot shards fairly early on, and later you'll even get some high level shards to play around with. Make sure to kill any elite mob you come across, and you'll have enough shards to buy the full set
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