Uncharted Waters Online has released its five part update Tierra Americana

CJ E&M, has released a new expansion for the seafaring MMO, Uncharted Waters Online, entitled "Tierra Americana".

Tierra Americana,” is a five-part update, with new content coming steadily into the game during 2012. The first chapter, “Atlantic,” includes the new lands of America, plus other new Western cities, and much more.

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The players can now venture forth to America inside the game, with the opportunity to build new colonies and harvest the untold riches of the new world. This immense new expansion will include new lands, new ships, special holiday events, and even a series of Black Friday deals as players get the chance to recreate the first Thanksgiving.

Tierra Americana features:

Go West, Young Man - America, land of freedom and opportunity, has been spotted over the horizon, just waiting to be colonized by players and their guilds. This new world will usher in a new era of sailing and trading, as players gain the ability to build their own cities, and visit other guilds’ cities to conduct trade. Other inland cities will also be appearing on other continents, including Paris, center of art and culture, and Firenze, home to the latest in technology and crafting.

Shipshape - The “Atlantic” chapter will introduce a fleet of new vessels to UWO, picked from history to represent the new American continent. Furthermore, all ships will benefit from an all-new “Reinforcement System,” allowing players to improve performance of their existing ships.

So I Called Up the Captain - A new land awaits, and our fleets need able hands to guide us there! If you are a previous player and haven’t played UWO in a while, now is the perfect time to get back behind the wheel: Every player who joins the fun until December 21st will receive a complimentary set of in-game items worth $15.

Gotta Get Deals on Friday - Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the UWO team! To celebrate the holiday and our newest, biggest expansion, UWO is offering an unparalleled deal on our legendary Treasure Box item, including a reduced price, an expanded selection of ships, and better odds of winning them.

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