Twin Saga New dungeons

Twin Saga Free-to-Play MMORPG
Twin Saga New dungeons, more Senshi’s and multiple Events to explore!

Patch 17 introduces a plethora of new features to the anime MMORPG Twin Saga, including two new dungeons, additional Senshi quests and several special events.

Anime-MMORP Twin Saga - Twin Saga: New dungeons, more Senshi’s and multiple Events to explore!

Gamigo is excited to announce the latest patch for their anime title Twin Saga. Guardians of the realm can delve into two new dungeons. Great dangers await the players in the blazing Barren Desert and dark Crocodile Wetlands. Anyone brave enough to face off the terrible inhabitants of these worlds will be rewarded with precious Loyalty Points and Star Points, which can be exchanged for special items.

Twin Saga New Dungeons
Twin Saga New Dungeons, Free to Play MMORPG.

The magnificent Death Valley Colosseum is a new Battlefield where mighty warriors can prove their might. Four additional Senshi’s have been spotted in the realm of Aetherion. Players can defeat their enemies with the help of Haku and his deadly daggers or entice their opponents with Haruka’s flower powers.

Finally, there will be five new seasonal events coming to Twin Saga. Players can embark on an adventurous treasure hunt during the special “Flora’s Treasure” event, celebrate Thanksgiving or take their loved ones to a romantic stroll through the colorful world of Twin Saga.

More information about the anime MMORPG Twin Saga can be found on the official website Twin Saga.

Source: Gamigo - Aeria Games - Twin Saga

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