Twin Saga Anniversary

Twin Saga Senshi 3 - Twin Saga Free-to-Play Fantasy MMORPG
Twin Saga Anniversary and events

This month, Twin Saga are hosting a plethora of celebratory events.

Gamigo is excited to announce the Anniversary for Twin Saga players can look forward to a month filled with special in-game adventures and social media events.

The Anime MMORPG Twin Saga is turning three years old this month. To celebrate this fantastic feed, the team has prepared many fun events. Over the weekend, players will receive significant Gold Boosts and can explore various activities, including a tricky Hide & Seek contest.

Twin Saga is a free-to-play Anime MMO game developed by X-Legend Entretainment and published for Aeria Games / Gamigo Group, Twin Saga, an anime-themed F2P MMORPG from X-Legend and Aeria Games, you’ll become the last hope for humanity’s survival after a long war between twin goddesses. You can switch classes on the fly to adapt to any challenges, and unleash combos and ultimate moves to devastate your opponents.

Source : Gamigo - Gamigo Group - Aeria Games - Twin Saga - X-Legend Entretainment

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