Twelve Sky presents a new Warzone, Outpost Ruins

Aeria Games, has presented new content for Twelve Sky 2 that includes a new 400-player warzone and gear.

Players now have to prepare for the newly added warzone, Outpost Ruins now allows up to 400 players in one instanced dungeon in a faction free-for-all battle.
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The warzone is limited to 100 players from each faction during a given time with each instance being no more than 15 minutes.

Additional features:

· Hanboks – Hanboks are formal garments traditionally worn in Korea during festivals and celebrations that players can now wear in-game

· Cape – New players will be able to obtain a powerful new cape that will help them dominate content like never before

· CP Gift System – Players will now be able to transfer contribution points their characters earn through PvP into "CP Charms," which may be traded to other players

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