Twelve Sky 2 begins an exclusive item giveaway

Twelve Sky 2 with is excited to offer you the exclusive opportunity to participate in this item giveaway.

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To get this item pack giveaway you only have to create a new account Here (if you dont have one) and download the client Here . Get your redeption code right here and visit this website. Then choose the server group that you are going to play and insert the event key in the appropriate field.
Finally log in to game and check the GateMaster Bank cart to get your items.

The giveaway starts today May 20th, and ends in June 20th.

The pack includes:

- Holy Snow Tiger Mount: A noble creature found only on the highest peaks of the world. This faithful mount increases its rider's chi, physical damage, and elemental damage by 5%.

- Feng Demon: A minor demon, summoned from the netherworld. This demon seeks to gain power by serving mortals. In return it grants its companion a boost to health based upon its own level of power.

- Skylords Blessed Feed: A special, nutrient rich food designed to keep your mounts ready to carry you into battle. This item allows you to ride any mount for up to 180 minutes.
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