Trion Worlds Unveils Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor Launches Season 3
Trion Worlds announced this past weekend at PAX Prime a completely new title: Atlas Reactor. Very little is know about this new turn-based strategy game at this point, but the developers of Rift or Defiance have published a video that introduces us to the new title.

As weird as it sounds, they describe the game as a turn-based multiplayer but in which you don't need to wait for your turn in order to play. It combines action and tactical gameplay, and it immerses players in large-scale battles.

So far, they have revealed 6 characters, but there are 2 more waiting to be unveiled. All those who are interested, can now sign up to enter the game's alpha by clicking on the play button below.

Take a look at the video now so you can see what to expect:

Source: Trion Worlds Press Release.

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