Trion Worlds Unveil MMO-ARPG Devilian


New free to play MMO-ARPG on the horizon. Trion Worlds will publish Devilian (developed by Bluehole Ginno Games) in North America and Europe. The publisher has just announced it along with a trailer and some screenshots, which you can check out below.


Devilian screenshot (2) Devilian screenshot (1) Devilian screenshot (3) Devilian screenshot (4)

Devilian mixes the key elements of an action RPG with the social aspects of an MMO, as well crafting, quests, 20v20 PvP battles, trading, mounts, guild, dungeons and pets. Players step into the role of a half-devil hero battling to save the world from a fallen god.

So far 4 classes are known: Berserkers, Evokers, Cannoneers and Shadowhunters; each one with a unique devil form and its own powers.

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