Tribes: Ascend is going to start tomorrow, November 4, its closed beta

Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed today that Tribes: Ascend is going to start tomorrow November 4, its closed beta.

Hi-Rez Studios representatives also announced that no character wipes are planned during Beta. Player advancement in terms of rank, class unlocks, and skill progression will carry forward beyond Closed Beta, into Open Beta and into Release.

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The Closed Beta includes two initial class options: the Soldier and the Ranger, 10 additional classes available to be permanently unlocked, 3 drivable vehicles, 2 game-modes, and servers located across North America, Europe and Australia. Prior to release Hi-Rez will also support Ranked Servers and Private Servers.

“Compared to Alpha, Tribes: Ascend enters Beta with even more unlockable classes, a skill & perk system, and additional projectile-based weapons” said Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios Chief Operating Officer. “And we plan to deliver new playable maps and classes after Beta and even after Release. Our dev team is excited to reintroduce such a fast-paced, team-based shooter and we are looking forward to playing alongside the Beta community.”

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