Tribal Wars 2 and Rising Generals at Gamescom


Fabio Lo Zito, PR at InnoGames, showed us the current state of Tribal Wars 2 and Rising Generals, their upcoming cross-platform management games, both made to run on browser and mobile devices.

InnoGames is a German company founded back in 2007 with the sole purpose of developing browser games, they have successful titles on their portfolio and they’re now aiming to release cross-platform games to increase the potential player base. The company has grown a lot reaching 350 employees currently and they recently moved into a new building to be able to expand even more in the future.


Tribal Wars 2 screenshtos (2) Tribal Wars 2 screenshtos (6) Tribal Wars 2 screenshtos (4) Tribal Wars 2 screenshtos (3)

So since both Tribal Wars 2 and Rising Generals are still in development, Fabio showed us how they currently run on an iPad. The first one was Tribal Wars 2 and at first glance we can tell the quality increase from its predecessor is huge.

All the assets have been made with tablets in mind, you can even zoom in a up close and the details and animations are quite good, the game is meant to be an upgrade rather than a brand new game so the gameplay and features are pretty much the same as Tribal Wars. Players can get into PvP but the main focus is put on PvE, gathering resources, building, upgrading, and running the campaign, which are a series of maps you must pass by conquering areas and fulfilling tasks.

They are currently working on the user interface for the smaller screens, smartphones mainly, since it requires a bit of tweaking and squishing, but the functionalities are working and the game looks pretty neat.

Then Fabio switched to Rising Generals, which is a brand new game with a unique concept; there is this huge map where you start your game, along with many other players. The idea is to conquer and hold as many territories as you can, it’s a PvP focused game where you can get totally wiped out from the map, which would make you spawn on a different one.

The units you can craft have a paper-rock-scissors mechanic so players have to pick wisely what to send to conquer new territories. There are spies available for players to deploy to specific territories, so they can get extra information, buildings, units, and much more, but there is a chance they can get caught on every action they perform, putting you in a delicate position.

It’s a game about gathering resources, manufacturing, and taking over the map, so more focused on war and PVP than other previous titles InnoGames has released so far.


Rising Generals screenshot 5 Rising Generals screenshot 4 Rising Generals screenshot 3 Rising Generals screenshot 2

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