Treasures of the Desert, new content update for Runes of Magic

Frogster today released ‘Treasures of the Desert’ a new content update for Runes of Magic. The update adds a new region, the Limo Desert, and a new instance, Kawak’s Tomb. Gamers are now able to power up characters to level 62 and trade diamonds with a special NPC.

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After extensive testing, Frogster has decided to reinstate the option to let Runes of Magic players trade gold for diamonds. The free fantasy online RPG is the only game in the Free2Play segment where players can use the in-game currency to trade for items purchased from the in-game shop. This feature was reintroduced after feedback from the community.

The public battle, the ‘Yasheedee Catastrophe’, is also available across all Runes of Magic servers. To prevail in this legendary battle, players have to conquer aggressive foes. In the first phase of the multifaceted encounter, players must use special ropes to capture a horde of nasty worm-like creatures. The second phase challenges players to put as many Resonance Stones as possible in the right place. The more stones they place, the easier it is in the third and fourth phases, where the wicked ‘Hardskin Yasheedees’ and the formidable ‘Crimson Devourer’, an exceptionally tough boss, await.

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