Travia 2, First Look gameplay with commentary


Check out our video of Travia 2, a self-proclaimed Diablo style Action MMORPG set in a high fantasy world of ghost, ghouls and goblins…. lots of goblins. Picking from one of four different classes, either Worrior (or Warrior, but that’s not how they spell it), Archer, Cleric and Sorcerer, you are push into the world and instantly given orders from no one in particular to go kill goblins. As a Sorcerer t your disposal you have a single spell, but nothing really seems to target you anyway even when next to you, so this one spell seems to suffice.

The graphics are pretty good for a free to play browser, but in all honesty it is getting to the point where some games graphics, even f2p browser based ones, are amazing , but the graphics in Travia 2 will suffice even if the world design is a little basic. Music is a little repetitive and some of the sounds are particularly annoying when you encounter them.

Gameplay wise the biggest criticism is how linear the game is. The quests constantly send you back to the same areas, where there wasn’t a real challenge the first two times, dozens of mobs just plopped in the location to farm and then go hand the quest in. Even trying to explore new areas they were locked with level requirements, even entering the adjacent zone areas; you literally have to grind up your level before you can move on. Likewise with skills, there were some quite in depth skill trees, but they had ridiculously high level requirements or gold requirements (one skill required 100k+ gold to unlock the first skill in the branch, we had about 40 gold after 1 hour of play).

Check out the video and give your own thoughts. For the type of people that like these kind of games (and there is a market..) then they’ll enjoy it, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Travia 2 is currently in Closed Beta Testing with no word on release date as of yet.

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