TQ Digital is celebrating a giveaway for Eudemons Online

TQ Digital with F2P.com are teaming up to bring you a free game item gift pack worth $50 for Eudemons Online. This giveaway lasts until Nov. 25th.

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This gift pack contains:

Talisman Pack*1
Star Blessing*1
Elite Equipment Pack*1
Random Mount Egg*3
Log Scroll*10
Random Portal*10
99 White Rose*3 (Male Character)
Garment Pack*1(Female Character)

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To redeem your Eudemons Online key you only have to register and download the game from here . The login the game and create your character after this jump to our event page to submit your serial number and character information. Finally, log into the game and grab your gift from the Prize Legate Lorraine(Cronus 214,607)or click PATH FINDING choose OTHERS then click “Prize Legate” to head there.

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