Therian Saga Launches the Open Beta


Therian Saga, the new open world MMORPG from Virtys announces today the launch of the open beta phase of the game's English version.

The focus of our open beta will be to gather as much final feedback from English-speaking players as we can to ensure a smooth and enjoyable launch, which is scheduled for the near future,” said François Desrosiers, Lead Designer for Therian Saga. “We’re proud of our studio’s commitment to involving players in our design process and this open beta helps to support that mission, while serving as a stepping stone in widening the reach of our game.

Therian Saga screenshot 6Therian Saga screenshot 5Therian Saga screenshot 3Therian Saga screenshot 1

"We’re extremely grateful for our existing, supportive community of French-speaking players,” said Alexandre Maltais, General Manager of Virtys and Producer of Therian Saga. “Our new English-language version of the game will allow these existing players the opportunity to play the game with their English-speaking friends, but it also opens the doors for Virtys to connect with an even larger community in the United States and beyond!

Source of information: Virtys press release

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