The PvE in Echo of Soul


New details have emerged about Echo of Soul's PvE (player vs. environment). Aeria Games has released a new gameplay overview video that explores what this upcoming free-to-play MMORPG will offer. Watch it below and see what you can look forward to. 60 dungeons with more than 150 bosses and over 1,600 quests.

"We are really proud of this game's breadth of PvE content, including the diversity of the 60 hand-crafted dungeons and the 150+ bosses that all require unique strategies to conquer," said Tom Nichols, Vice President of PC Games at Aeria Games. "With over 1,600 quests across 68 beautiful landscapes, we wanted to make sure that whether your party has five people or just one, you're having a great time, with hundreds of hours of content to play through."

Echo of Soul will feature three type of dungeons: solo, party and infinite.

Solo Dungeons test players' resolve with environmental traps such as damaging pools and poison gas -- and solo bosses only drop loot for a specific class. In addition, leaderboards keep track of players with the fastest clear times and special titles are awarded to players that kill certain bosses first.

Since Echo of Soul deliberately has no healer class, the party dungeon mode -where players gather a group of five- forces players to work efficiently together. Nothing is more satisfying than watching a beaten enemy fall to the ground after a hard-fought battle with companions.

And the last one, the Infinite Dungeon mode, features ever-changing environments with randomly generated terrain and monsters and also multiple difficulty levels. In this type of dungeons players can obtain useful materials.

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