The next September 13th arrives City of Heroes Freedom to all subscribers of the game

Paragon Studios and NCsoft have announced that City of Heroes subscribers can enjoy the new chapter City of Heroes Freedom weeks before its official worldwide release, the next septembre 13.

This VIP Access allows to play the latest content, try the new features of Paragon Market and discover the mysteries of the new cooperative area, First Ward.

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To participate and be the first to enjoy City of Heroes Freedom, players simply need to become active subscribers of City of Heroes and automatically have all the benefits and VIP activities that are started from September 13.
In addition, users who reactivate their accounts will also enjoy this content.

In addition, users with this access VIP can enjoy tis new features:

- Participation in The New Adventures Death From Below and Underground Incarnate Trials with members of the
- Massive invasions of Hamidon and Praetoria across multiple servers.
- Promotions and unique selling packs available only during this VIP access.
- Costume Superhero Contests , which will be judged by the developers.

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