The newest patch of Fiesta Online comes with an interesting addition trading cards

Gamigo has announced that the newest patch of Fiesta Online introduces the trading cards to the world of Isya.

In the game the players will receive a card album, which can be filled with more than 250 different cards. These cards have various degrees of rarity and can be looted from monsters of all levels. Avid collectors who manage to complete the collection will earn spectacular rewards.

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In addition Fiesta Online is also celebrating two events, one of which will reward logging in daily. Players will be rewarded for being logged in for an hour or longer on at least seven consecutive days. Isya's most loyal visitors, those who log in 28 consecutive days, will earn the top prize.

The Isya Day celebrations are all about enjoying the wonderful world of Fiesta Online. Players will be able to go on quests to help prepare for the celebrations, earning a special reward in the process.

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