The new version of Nemexia is coming the next October

XS Software has unveiled that they are launching this October the new Version of Nemexia, 2.0.

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Nemexia 2.0 comes with the next features

- New type of ships: The Commanders

Corsair - The Jolly Roger will rise again, because the Corsair has the ability to flight on pirate mission and to increase the percentage of stolen resources on these flight
Hunter - Thanks to the most advanced technologies, the Hunter has the ability to detect hostile spy ships at the very moment they reach your planet's atmosphere, without leaving them a chance to get information
Juggernaut - Only the strongest will survive. While the Juggernaut is your lead Commander ship in battle you will receive additional life points to your ships
Executor - Sometimes the name speak for itself. The Executor's purpose is to brutally transform the hostile units into scrap for a minimal amount of time

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- New personal leading unit: the Admiral

- The Admiral will gain experience with your help. Every gained battle point will increase his level
- After level 4 you will get 1 skill point for every next level. These skill points you can distribute to 18 different Skills separated in 3 Skill Trees (Offence, Defence, Utility)
- After a certain Admiral level, you will unlock a special commander ship which will provide you with its unique ability

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- New design

- Fully improved game interface
- Updated Galaxy view
- New zones look and reworked buildings
- All ships and science are being reworked
- Updated battle reports and fully changed battle simulator

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