The new update of Pirate Galaxy, The Sirius Singularity is coming the next October 31

Splitscreen Studios is releasing a new update of the free 3D browser game Pirate Galaxy, ‘The Sirius Singularity’ the next October 31.

Furthermore, all players will receive a hefty 20 % discount on their gold purchases for the first weekend from October 21 to 23.

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On the other side of the unexplored wormhole in the Draconis system, both familiar and numerous new enemies, new resources and exciting challenges await the players.

The makers of Pirate Galaxy will stage an action-packed event under the name ‘Invasion of the Methanoids’ from October 21 to 31, in which bold space pirates will have an opportunity before the release to learn more details about the Sirius singularity and get their hands on the valuable ore (called “gravitons”), which is vital to the new Sirius system.

Along with the gravitons, which unfold extremely effective forces for a short time, players can also acquire extremely rare blueprints for spaceships which cannot be found elsewhere in the game.
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