The new expansion of Prius Online, Stronghold of the North is now live

Prius Online, has released a new expansion Stronghold of the North.

This new expansion adds 500 quests, 3 additional dungeons, 2 exotic mounts, and a new item upgrade system that allows players to design their own gear with powerful stats and a unique appearance that suits their character. The level cap has also been raised from 60 to 70, making room for characters to grow as they explore the frozen North.

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Players will launch their adventure from the great fortress of Himes. The city is also a new venue for Guild Siege Warfare and a battleground for those seeking dominance over rival guilds. Outside it lie three dungeons that will challenge players to devise new strategies to survive the traps and bestia that make these the hardest dungeons ever seen in Prius.

The new Runes System gives players even more latitude to distinguish themselves and show off their creativity, all while crafting the ultimate weapons and gear. These extraordinary rune stones can be found in dungeons or on the most powerful beasts, giving everyone a chance to earn their equipment upgrades as they play. Rune stones can be embedded into existing items to add new stats, or used to transfer the stats of high level items onto more appealing low level items.

Prius continues its commitment to offering players a great experience at no cost with the addition of two new mounts that can be tamed by any capable adventurer, a unicorn and a goat.

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