The new expansion of Conquer Online, Invasion of Pirates, is coming the next week

NetDragon has revealed that the new expansion Conquer Online, Invasion of Pirates, is coming the next January 11.

This expansion comes with a new class, the Pirate, that is suited for battle with both rapiers and pistols.

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The Pirate habilities channel power and precision alongside the most explosive combat in the game. Pirates will be capable of taking any enemy down—on land or sea. With a little strategy and pirate know-how, the new class can easily become the most deadly in PvP battles.

The Pirate’s skills will be based on stamina, with many of the skills requiring a cooldown period. This means the key to winning a battle is how well a player can chain an effective combo—deploying buffs and abilities with haste, with the ability to quickly switch between targets. Mastering the Pirate’s skills may be one of the most challenging to master in the game, adding plenty of bloodthirsty new strategies to conquer in the new Invasion of Pirates expansion.

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