The MMORPG Tynon has revealed its first race, the Goblins

UCool has presented the goblins, the first race and recruitable characters from the upcoming story-driven fantasy MMORPG Tynon.
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The goblins are mischievous creatures, small in size and often possess arcane talents, commonly referred as “The Swarm”, will be the first enemies players encounter on their quest to save the thirteen kingdoms from slavery and disaster under the dark wizard’s magic. With their sheer number and mastery of twin blade and various weapon types, the Swarm is a force not to be reckoned with.

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Recruitable Goblin Characters: Captain Wart, Chieftan Bighand

When in raiding parties far from the Goblins’ capital city of Greathovel, the Swarm wears armor and rags and is able to master weapons of all types. The Swarm operates best under a powerful leader, using their sheer numbers to overwhelm and defeat an enemy. However if their leader is killed in combat, the Swarm will break into a panic—chaos ensuing over the decision of who will become the next chieftain.

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