The launch of Digimon Masters is going to be the next week

Joymax, has announced today that the official release of Digimon Masters is going to be the next October 25.

The game is available across the world in English for the first time.

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Digimon Masters’ faithful recreation of the Digimon universe, as featured in the anime series Digimon Data Squad, has achieved great success in Korea and is now being brought to the global market by WeMade Entertainment. A game for all players and all ages, Digimon Masters provides a simple interface coupled with an intuitive control scheme that is completely hassle free. Digimon Masters seamlessly combines the challenge of a pet training simulation with role playing elements to deliver a different kind of gaming experience.

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Players can also become one of 8 Royal Knights. Royal Knights are Digimon who are in charge of each area in the Digital World. Leaders of a guild that conquers one of these areas can become a Royal Knight who has the right to impose taxes along with other perks and obligations.

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As part of the game, all Digimon possess three distinct properties such as Attributes, Elements and Families. Digimon are born with their own Attributes that can either be an advantage or a liability in battle. Elements are the source of a Digimon’s power, while certain items provide a power boost to a Digimon based on its Family.

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