The lastest update of Nemexia has been launched today

Nemexia v.1.9 has been launched today, April 18.

This update will bring a lot of new changes that will improve the game

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New features

1 - Advisor changes

- When the advisor is disabled, it only becomes black and white and doesn’t bother the player anymore (+ it doesn’t disappear like before); if the player wants to enable it again, just need to click on it
- Some type of a Welcome level (level 0) added
- Bigger rewards for completing missions
- Summary of the requirements (not everyone likes to read the long text)
- Missions improvement (texts, requirements, sequence, etc.)
- Showing a message "Hey, check advisor" while the player is on level 0
- Showing a message "Hey, check advisor" when a mission is completed and the player can take the reward
- No need to search for symbols anymore, the system is easier - just need to complete the requirements and then click "Take reward"

2 - Platinum program improvements
- No max. level
- Level information is directly in the Platinum menu (no need to search for a submenu)
- Reward of Stars is received in 10 minutes after achieving the level, not next month (30 stars for level 2, 30 stars for level 3, 60 stars for level 4 and 60 stars for each additional level)
- Easier access to level 2 and 3 (level 2 requires only 1000 credits bought; level 3 - 2000); each next level requires 3000 credits more.
- Player can activate Platinum account for the price of 20 stars (for 7 days) whenever he wants, no limits
- If the player has at least 20 stars, a banner for "Activate Platinum Premium!" is shown as a reminder for the service

3 - Auction changes
- Added small Resource packages (there is 1 on every auction round, helpful in the beginning)
- Highest bid is shown too (after the nickname of the highest bidder)
- Recent winners submenu (where players can check the last 10 winners)

4 - New Space adventure
- Cost: 50 credits
- Available 14 days after the round starts, only for players under 500 points.
- Rewards: Chance to receive resources or to have the opportunity to buy resources additional 3 times

5 - Trade center changes
- Limitation of the resource the player can "store" in the Trade center (resource points*20 = max. trade value for the account)

6 - Laboratory - technology tree and icons
- Requirements for each science are shown directly in this menu
- Added icons to the submenu's links (improving navigation)

7 - Flights menu icons
- Players can select a flight only by clicking on its icon

8 - Default Hotlinks
- Default Hotlinks will be added (of the most used menus)

9 - Process bar
- Players can easily check their current processes in the buildings zones, shipyard, starport or laboratory in only 1 menu.

10 - Relocate planet service
- Players can relocate their planets coordinates for the price of 300 credits once per 30 days for each planet.
- The relocated planet cannot attack or be attacked in the next 24 hours.

11 - Some other visual changes and improvements
- Buildings popup better look and more noticeable "Instant building" button
- Other small things (more info added in some texts)
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