The Iris Renascentia event has arrived to Iris Online

Iris Online has beginned the “Iris Renascentia” event. GPotato has invited all his players to enter into the realm of Arcana and win some game bonuses and valuable items worth up to $100 just by logging in.

For the next 25 days, anyone who plays Iris Online during the “Iris Renascentia” event will receive some prizes. Log in for one hour a day and your item rewards will multiply exponentially.

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Each day brings a new reward, and those who keep perfect attendance will receive the ultimate prize: the unreleased Pyron Summer Hat and Green Ju-Ju Bird.

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Event rewards:
· Week 1: Experience Potions, Appearance Change Scrolls, and Item Protection Cards
· Week 2: Skill Experience Potions, Dungeon Resets, and Enhanced Item Protection Cards
· Week 3: Battlefield Points Potions, Blessed Potions, and Skill Reset Potions
· Week 4: Rune Power Pieces, Sealed Silver Card, and Card Slot Creation Scrolls

On top of all that, 50% EXP, SXP, and Battlefield bonuses will be in effect for the entire month, and during the final week, items will be pouring out of mobs with an added 50% Drop Rate and 50% Enhance Rate.

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