The Human Torch arrives in Marvel Heroes

Gazillion has just released a new patch for its action MMO Marvel Heroes that brings The Human Torch als playable character, a new endless gameplay mode and much more.

Patch 1.11 gone live, players have now the opportunity to add The Human Torch to their rooster. This exciting character many have been waiting for uses a unique combination of flame-based powers. Like the rest of the Marvel Heroes, he can now be unlocked with Eternal Splinters that drop from ememies when defeated.

Moreover, a brand new PvE gameplay mode - "Midtown Patrol" has been implemented into the game. Open to all levels in 5 level bands, this public combat zone includes numerous ambushes, themed Supervillain teams and new mobs, presenting a great way for players to find epic loot for their heroes.

The new patch also allows players to level their heroes faster und get great loot as the XP and drop rates have been raised. Every hero has been buffed as well to make them even more fun to play.

And as if this wasn't enough, Ultron Silver is now available as a pet, while players can also get their hands on Iron Man's Mark 40 High Velocity or "Shotgun" Armor and Wolverine's Ronin Costume. Last but not least, there have been some changes to crafting.

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