The era of gunpowder arrives to Terra Militaris

Gala Networks Europe has announced the launch of a new expansion to its MMORTS Terra Militaris.

The expansion, called Terra Militaris: Firearms brings the era of gunpowder to the game, which will come with new units as  riflemen or cannons, new equipment, new research options, allowing study technologies up to level 25 or raise heroes at level 120, new crafting systems like smithing and cooking, the possibility of tame, summon and train mighty battle creatures, among other many new features.

The expansion also brings an innovative 10 vs. 10 battle system, in which heroes of the same nation team up to fight in groups of 10 against each other.

Terra Militaris: Firearms, will be released this fall, in English, French, German and Polish servers.

Source of information: Gala Networks Europe press release

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