The Cull of the Golden Ox Demons begins in Zu Online

The latest threat to vex Zu Online’s brave adventurers is a horde of Golden Ox Demons that have overrun Thunder Peak.

The decade-long war between the Immortals and the Demons still casts a shadow over Zu’s inhabitants and heroes alike. Hidden devils walk among its people in human form, spreading cruelty and craving blood wherever they go. An invasion of Golden Ox Demons only makes an already dangerous situation even more deadly.

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The Telepath Envoy has learned that the evil Golden Ox Demons recently barged into Thunder Peak and stole the Silver Stones. Though the Envoy’s power is great, it is no match for so many of these creatures. He has sent out a call for help, seeking higher-level champions to cull the Golden Ox Demons in Thunder Peak and recover the Silver Stones.
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Beginning March 1st, the event will be available to all eligible characters each day from noon to 2:00 PM and from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Recover the precious Silver Stones to earn incredible silver stone gifts, as well as the Telepath Envoy’s eternal gratitude.

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