The browser game The West has announced some new details about its 2.0 version

InnoGames has published some new details about the 2.0 version of its frontier adventure browser game, The West.

The update will introduce an overhauled job system to the game, featuring fundamentally reworked jobs and a new work duration system to foster a more active play style. The West 2.0 is expected to launch this summer.

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The jobs in The West 2.0 will be completely revised in both visual representation and functionality. Up to five jobs are being grouped together under one job-group in a radial-menu. This new system helps to improve the visual representation of the new map and increases the usability for the players, helping them to find different jobs much easier.

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In addition The West 2.0 will introduce a totally redesigned work duration system, as each job offers a unique duration setting. Players can therefore adjust the game to their style of play - active players can choose faster jobs, while long-running tasks are more suitable for casual gamers.

Aside from the job system, the new update will also feature a number of other major improvements to the game: a new map, redesigned interfaces and a changed quest system.

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