The Browser game Grepolis has launched two new features

The Browser game Grepolis has released two new features.

From now on the game’s Hero Worlds are available to seasoned players who already proved their excellence in Grepolis. Special starting conditions and an additional deity, Artemis, will be expecting them.

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Also, a mobile version of the game has become playable on smartphones from now on. It is optimized for iOS and Android, but also works on other mobile platforms. With this mobile version, enthusiasts of the game can easily plan, build and fight with their established accounts on a mobile phone with internet access.

Players start the Hero Worlds with three partially expanded cities on two islands, which allows a quick jump into the action. Surrounded by other veterans, one must take advantage of the Hero Worlds’ specific attributes quickly in order to prevail. Keys to success are additional expansion levels for buildings, new researchable technologies in the academy and the new deity, Artemis.

The goddess of hunt grants access to two new mystical units, the Griffin and the Calydonian Boar, as well as four new spells. These can be used to cast illusions on an enemy and neutralize other divine powers. Whoever dares to participate must quickly earn the award “Heroic Tactician”, which grants access to the Hero Worlds.

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