The browser based RPG Rich$tate has been launched

LeKool games has launched its next generation of browser based RPG Rich$tate.

In Rich$tate is a simulation RPG where players manage their own stores and strive to expand their companies. Featuring multi-industry management, factory operation, guild competition and car racing,

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Rich State is promising browser game totally unique in its type. It beautifully combines all the elements of role play gaming with a classic car racing style game for even more fun.

Features of the game:

Team Races – Players can team up for harder races with the chance of gaining new equipment. Or race solo and take on NPC cars in numerous challenging races which are progressively harder.
Guild Quests & Upgrades – Join a Guild to gain extra bonus. Players in a Guild can complete special Guild quests for exclusive items. Guild upgrades benefit all members. Plus battle other Guilds to gain valuable territories.
Beautiful Graphics – Animated race scenes

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