The Brawler Class is Coming to TERA EU

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The Brawler Class is Coming to TERA EU

We have just known that the next big update to the European version of TERA (Fate of Arun) will introduce the new Brawler class and two end-game dungeons for level 65 players. Players can expect it in mid-December.

If you want to know more about this new melee female-exclusive class with heavy armor and huge powerfists, check out our review.

In addition, Gameforge will reward all those who log into the game between 11th December and 27th December 2015 with a free character slot expansion and the majestic Snow Tiger as a permanent mount.

Two will be the new challenges for level 65 players: Kalivan's Dreadnaught (which takes players to the naga pirate ship) and Forsaken Isle, a piece of land haunted by evil spirits and souls.

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Source: Gameforge press Release.

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