The Black Thursday is coming to Nexon America MMORPG’s virtual stores

Nexon America MMORPG's, are preparing their virtual stores for the Black Thursday.

The true “sale to kill for” is coming to the players.

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Delving for discounts doesn’t stop there. “Vindictus” will be inviting players to slash prices by taking down the Episode 9 raid bosses. The more players hunt Lionotus and Control Black Hammer, the wilder the discount party will be.

From now through Nov. 23, “Dragon Nest” is hosting the Dungeon Dive event, where for every 500,000 dungeons completed, Nexon will unveil a new set of Black Friday sales, events and bonus items on Nov. 25.

“Dungeon Fighter Online” will be featuring Arad’s Black Friday event, where Kaleido Boxes, Skeleton Keys, Lost Treasures and more popular items will be on sale. Additionally, the Cyber Monday draw will reward the first 50 players who purchase the Dual Skill Build Licenses and Lethe’s contracts to receive a major discount.

For an entire week, “Mabinogi” players can grab as many of their favorite Dye Ampoules, or the variety of cash shop items on sale for up to 70 percent off. The sales will run from Nov. 23 through Nov. 30. In addition to the Black Friday events, limited Character cards will be available for purchase spontaneously through Dec. 9.

“Atlantica Online” will be giving players six different chances to catch door-buster sales on Black Friday. On a first-come, first-served basis, exclusive items will be on sale for 60 percent off. In between the door-buster sales, players can also participate in the buy-two-get-one-free sale of Atlantica Day Coupons and Atlas Boxes of Good Fortune. The celebrations will triple up on Atlantica Day, Nov. 27, where players can receive 200 percent Bonus Time, giveaways, auctions and sales.

“MapleStory” will be summoning players to rev up their thrifty instincts for a series of door-buster sales beginning on Friday. Available only in limited quantities, sale items will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. “MapleStory’s” exclusive three-hour sales will pop up four times throughout the day.

“MapleStory Adventures” will be starting off Black Friday with a 30 percent discount off all pets, while Cyber Monday will feature deep discounts on stylish outfits. The celebration will continue through the weekend, as hairstyles, hats, coats and gloves will be 20 percent off.

“Combat Arms” will be unveiling the anticipated Black Friday Blow-Up sale event, which players unlock sale items by “Liking” the “Combat Arms” Facebook page. While the Platinum Level this week rewarded players with 300 percent EXP and GP rates for the weekend, the Gold Level unlocked the MYST-Infinity case, which guarantees a Permanent duration primary weapon. More of the season’s hottest weapons will be discounted at up to 50 percent off.

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