The Aurora World, Racing mini-game gameplay footage with commentary


We got the chance to check out one of The Aurora World's mini-events simply called Marathon, which happens at 8pm server time every day and players are able to register for free to take part. Essentially the mini-game is a Mario Kart style race where you take on the form of a cute and cuddly animal and have to race against your opponents to reach the finish, picking up attack power-ups along the way and launching them at other players to try and be the first over the line.

We were quite surprised by how much I enjoyed the game as I was put against my GM guide and an unexpected second GM who turned up just for the race. Our issue initially was that it felt your character didn’t move quick enough so the race at times felt a little dull. However, once we’d finished and the GM told us that you can have hundreds of players involved at the same time I dare say the character speed wouldn’t be much of an issue and the game would be as fun as it would be chaotic.

If you want to try the game, remember that we still have a closed beta keys giveaway!


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