The APB open beta starts the May 18

APB has announced that its Open Beta Date has been set on May 18, 2011.

There are still a few important features that are not yet in the game (new skill rating system probably the most critical and skill-based district segmentation and progression), and various tweaks to spawning but those will be added as we move along, and likely some of the new ones will be there before Open Beta.

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New Items ready to go
Over the next two weeks APB is goint to start the process of releasing a new group of items for lease or purchase. APB is going to release several hundred of item over the next several months, some which will be reserved for Premium , and some that will be rare and only available for short periods of time.

Cheaters (aimbotters)
Before the Open Beta APB will perform various changes, which will be good for the game, and bad for the aimbotters.

APB is steaming ahead with all the other long term changes, like the long-term PvP and team improvement items.

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