The action MMO World of Tanks has released the update 7.2, has launched the Update 7.2 of its F2P action MMO World of Tanks.

Along with two new maps, the American Live Oaks and the Italian Province, the update enriches the game with a long-awaited branch of U.S. tank destroyers with rotating turrets. It also brings 22 all-new crew skills and perks for virtual tankmen to master.

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Additionally, to ease the learning curve, the update provides World of Tanks newcomers with a new tutorial to smoothen their entry into the game.

Other significant changes include the replacement of top-tier American heavies T34 and T30 with M103 and T110E5, respectively, with the T34 becoming a tier-8 premium heavyweight and T30 to top the new line of tank destroyers.

"We introduced a French update into World of Tanks a few months ago, and now it's North America's turn," said Victor Kislyi, CEO of "We've completely reconsidered the set of crew skills in Update 7.2, which will bring a more realistic experience to our players and keep them engaged."

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