Testing Armored Warfare at Gamescom


As we already announced last week, we got the chance at Gamescom to check out Armored Warfare, the upcoming modern tanks simulator with realistic graphics and easy-to-handle controls. The game is being developed by Obsidian, a studio that has Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 2 on its portfolio, and published by My.com.

The people at My.com’s Gamescom booth let us in to have a go at the Armored Warfare PvE mode demo, so press members got to play it, with the support from the dev team which were helping us survive and handle the tanks.

We picked the tank with the biggest gun available which happened to be tanky as well so we had high hopes. The PvE content of the game happened to be fun and relaxed, as we all moved to different objectives we had to take down, the AI of the enemies was pretty good, hiding when they got hit, or flanking you when possible.


Armored Warfare screenshot (20) Armored Warfare screenshot (17) Armored Warfare screenshot (12) Armored Warfare screenshot (9)

The devs told us about the different mechanics involved in that specific fight and things to do in the game, for instance everything you earn by running PvE missions with your friends is kept and works for the PvP part of the game, so everything is shared, your experience and progression, and modules you unlock and buy, and so on.

At some point during the match we were in bad shape so it was time for another pro tip from the devs, there are full repair kits that will repair the tank completely, also they plan on having specific kits which will be cheaper, the damage display is clean and intuitive showing the damaged parts and different colors as they are about to break or if they are broken already.

Later on we had an experience with a faraway enemy that was moving all the time and was super hard to hit from the distance, luckily the devs gave us another hint about what to do in these situations. Seems like we had a manually-guided missile you can shoot and then turn as you please to finally hit the target, the problem however is that your tank will be standing still until it reaches its target, but it’s a cool and useful weapon.

As the match moved forward we managed to take down most of the objectives but we ran out of time and failed the main objective which was time-based. We all had a great time and found out a lot about the game, which is definitely something the tank lovers need to play.


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