Terra Militaris is going to release today its latest expansion, Birthright

Gala Networks Europe, has announced that the latest expansion for its the history-based real time strategy MMO,Terra Militaris, Birthright is going to be released today.

The expansion will also see the addition of one new server per language and a host of fantastic prizes will be available for players on each of the new servers in a variety of challenge competitions.

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The new servers will be named Minotaure (French), Medusa (English), Orion (German), and Hydra (Polish). The celebratory competitions are the New World Conquest Championship, the Nobility Login Event, the Guild Territory Event, the Era Progression Event,and the Merchant Race and Video Guides Event, all of which offer the chance to win exclusive prizes.

The biggest addition of the update is the Nobility System which will allow players to upgrade their account to three levels of premium nobility: silver, gold and platinum, which will unlock automatic systems that allow nobles to automate basics such as building and research.

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