TERA:Rising Corsairs’ Stronghold is coming tomorrow

TERA:Rising Corsairs' Stronghold is coming tomorrow


Gameforge is going to launch tomorrow the newest expansion for its free-to-play action MMORPG Tera:Rising Europe. The update, which is the largest content expansion since the change to the free-to-play model and is going to add to the game several new features such as Corsairs' Stronghold, a 20 vs 20 battlefield upon which players can enjoy multiplayer battles with powerful siege weapons. TERA fans can look forward to several other highlights this summer including the Alliance System, new dungeons and eventful in-game festivals.

Corsairs’ Stronghold: This is the largest instanced PvP area to date in TERA. Two groups each with 20 players come together for action-packed siege wars. One team acts as the defender and protects thr crystal hidden inside the stronghold. The attacking team has to storm the stronghold, defeat the defenders and finally destroy the crystal. The siege party has many ways of reaching their goal: they can carry out frontal attacks on the gates, climb over the stronghold walls with ladders or board zeppelins enabling them to attack the opposing bastion from the air. Both attackers and defenders possess mighty long-distance weapons such as tanks and cannons which make each battle a spectacular PvP experience.

This new battleground will be available to all players from level 30 and everyone will be automatically raised to the maximum level of 60 for the battle. You will also have access to  special battle equipment which will grant a fair match.

However, the summer will bring to the game a lot of other new contents like new dungeon, an update to the alliance system and summer festival rich of crazy ideas and prizes such as new fashionable swimsuit.

Source of information: Gameforge press release

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