TERA: The Good & The Bad

TERA: The Good & The Bad
TERA: The Good & The Bad

In The Exiled Realm of Arborea, more commonly known as TERA, players step into the shoes as one of ten different classes, heroes rising up against the emerging evil that threatens the realm and its inhabitants. The game boasts action based MMORPG combat and is a feature packed free to play fantasy title. TERA has had moderate success over the years, so in our Good & Bad article we’ll address a few things we think have made it so successful, and some that might have held it back:

The Good

  • Action Based Combat – Players must aim their attacks like a third person shooter, without any tab-auto targeting, players can also dodge any incoming attacks

  • The Big Ass Monsters – Otherwise knowns as “BAMs” these huge creatures aren’t only found in raids and dungeons, they can be found all across the world for an extra challenge

  • So Many Mounts – The game has a crazy amount of mounts to earn, unlock and buy, from events, store purchases and in-game vendors they various sizes and shapes

  • Skycastles – Guild run castles that actually float up in the sky that Guilds can fight for, with only a few available per server they are the ultimate prestige

  • PVP Server – The game has a PVP server, which lets anyone over level 11 declare themselves as an outlaw, opening up free for all world PVP

  • Alliances & Exarchs – With three Alliances that players can join that in turn opens up a number of competitive features for Guilds, so too can players become the sole Exarch of their chosen Alliance and become its leader

The Bad

  • Gender/Race Locked Classes – Some newer classes are locked to specific Race/Gender combinations due to limited Developer Resources (they would sooner release more classes than spend that time reskinning/animating a single class for different races/genders)

  • Dull Quests – The quests feel very samey and too familiar, like most other “classic” MMORPGs, typically consisting of the same “kill X number of monsters” repeatedly

  • Crafting is Generic – The crafting system doesn’t take strides enough to be different and is very much like most other MMORPGs out there; too generic and simple

  • Grindy End-game Content – When players reach max level then there just isn’t enough to do outside of repeating the same handful of 5-man dungeons or completing Daily Quests

  • Mounts & Costumes – Whilst the sheer number of them impresses us, the styles are often a little off script and don’t fit with the lore or setting at all, pandering more to certain types of player (and typically Asian) with their cutesy and silly options

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