TERA Releases Spellbound Update

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TERA Releases Spellbound Update


The North American version of TERA has received a major content update, "Spellbound", introducing a complete revamp for the sorcerer class with new skills and new mechanics, two new dungeons, two new end-game gear sets, a new battleground and some interface improvements.

Spellbound brings the first in a series of class revamps coming to the game. On this occasion, the class getting a massive overhaul is the sorcerer. The new version of this classic class features new skills, new animations and new mechanics.

The update also introduces two new dungeons for level 65 players: Lilith's Keep, a forgotten castle own by the vampyr noble Lilith, and Ruinous Manor, where the plot after fighting Lilith continues.

Within these two dungeons players will find materials to craft two new end-game sets and other rewards.

Watch the trailer for this update:

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