Tera New Draakon Arena Dungeon

Tera New Draakon Arena Dungeon

Tera New Draakon Arena Dungeon

En Masse Entertainment Launches New Dungeon And Gets All New Partner Adventure System On PC on TERA

En Masse Entertainment, a player-focused publisher dedicated to delivering great games and great service, today launched the all-new Draakon Arena Dungeon as well as the new Partner Adventure System on PC for their successful, long-running action MMORPG TERA. The new Draakon Dungeon is a challenging five person dungeon in which players must work together to defeat fearsome enemies and earn great rewards.

The new Partner Adventure System allows for players to send up to three partners per account on Partner Adventures. Using the Compass, players can check the number of partners on adventures, and time spent on the Adventure. Players will Receive different rewards in each area, which include gathering materials, Skill Advancement Scrolls and Relics, as well as Dungeon rewards. In addition to the new Draakon Dungeon and Partner Adventure system many quality of life improvements and enhancements have been implemented such as updates to crafting, class balancing, and more.

Draakon Arena

First up, Draakon Arena. The notorious azart force commander Kalligar takes the field in this new 5-player instance, the first dungeon specifically designed for level 70 players! It comes in two delicious flavors: normal (level 70, ilvl 456), and (Hard) mode (level 70, ilvl 470).

Defeat Kalligar and he may drop the top-of-the-line Warlord Ring or Warlord Necklace accessories, and possibly some resizing stones to customize their abilities.

(Be sure and check the patch notes for more information on Draakon Arena, our new training dungeons, and revisions to Pit of Petrax and Corrupted Skynest.)

TERA has entertained and enthralled just under five million players on console in North America, the EU, and Japan since it launched in 2018 and over 9 million players in North America on PC for over 8 years.

TERA is working for the next update AWAKENING for June 30

Source: En Masse Entretainment - TERA

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