TERA NA Releases Aces Wild Update

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TERA NA Releases Aces Wild Update


The 'Aces Wild' update is now available in the North American version of TERA (the European version is releasing this update today too). It introduces more cosmetic items storage space, expanded areas for flying mounts, several class changes, a new 5-player level 65 dungeon, a new special 10v10 battleground, some quality-of-life improvements, and a new feature: Ace Dungeons.

The Ace Dungeons feature allows players to enter solo dungeons with escalating difficulty objetives. And special rewards await for those who get to complete these dungeons.

The new dungeon is called Manglemire and it will take players to a new place where they will have to fight a magical Joker.

Finally, the update brings a new battleground: Kumas Royale, a 10v10 scenario in which players fight against each other as baby kumases (a pretty big large race).

Check out some screenshots:


TERA Aces Wild update 1 TERA Aces Wild update 2 TERA Aces Wild update 3 TERA Aces Wild update 4

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