TERA Goes Berserk

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TERA Goes Berserk


The Go Berserk update arrives in TERA, introducing to the popular action MMORPG a new 15v15 PvP battleground where two teams must kill as many enemies as possible in ten minutes, a new 5-player dungeon, a new 10-player raid dungeon, new gear, the new dressing-room feature and all-new tanking skills for the berserker class.

From now on, players can play as tanks with their berserker class and all the new level-65 tanking skills. The key skill is Intimidation. While active, this skill draws the attention of enemies, increases aggro and reduces critical hits. It also alters some skills, adding new effects that increase threat, decrease damage and restore HP.

This update also introduces the new dressing room feature, which allows players to preview cosmetic items for any race or class.

Watch the trailer to see what to expect:

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