TERA Gets Ready for The Lost Isle Update

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TERA Gets Ready for The Lost Isle Update

The Lost Isle update goes live next week in the north american version of TERA. On October 13, the popular free to play MMO will introduces a new starting area (Stepstone Isle) and new character creation, the "returning hero" tab and a new battleground for non-max-level players, a level 40-64 version of the Gridiron battleground.

The new starting experience will replace the Island of Dawn. It will come with a new story-arc and a more accelerated path to level 11. Both character creation and the character selection screen are also receiving a makeover, with a more dramatic flair. Players will be able to mix and match races and classes on a single screen and they will also be possible to move the characters around.

Regarding the returning hero tab, this new feature is a tab designed to help players with high-level characters when they return to the game after an extended absence. Any player with a level 58-65 character who has not logged in for at least a month gains access to the Returning Hero tab for three days, which provides information about class skills and allows players to upgrade their old gear.

Exciting, isn't it?

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Source: En Masse press Release.

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