TERA Fate of Arun Expansion Exclusive Walkthrough

TERA Fate of Arun Expansion Exclusive Walkthrough

We were recently invited to have an exclusive press walk-through of TERA to check out the new content that we can expect in their newest expansion Fate of Arun. For those unfamiliar to the game it is a free to play action MMORPG where players create their own character from a variety of classes and head off on an adventures across a fantasy themed world. The En Masse Entertainment team have constantly been updating the game over the last two years with a slew of new dungeons, quests, an extra class and a variety of other features, tweaks and balancing to keep the game running smoothly and fresh.

The new expansion is set to launch on December 16 and as well as giving a level expansion offering up five more levels for players to reach, new quest lines, new enemy monsters, new class skills, new battlegrounds as well as the much awaited new zone that opens up a northern area that players previously couldn’t reach. Included in this area was a new raid dungeon, which was the main focus of our press play through.

Upon entering the game we were able to choose from the various classes available, decided to pick up the Sorcerer for some added firepower we stepped into the game and were greeted by Patrick Sun (Producer, En Masse for TERA) as our Warrior tank, Tina Zhang-Powell (Associate Producer) who would soon be working her socks off as our Priest and Jason Chuang (Associate Product Manager) picking up the Archer.

Watch the video if you don't want to miss a thing:

Before we jumped into the main gameplay Patrick showed us around the UI and specifically got us to check out the new Play Guide window, a new feature added primarily for new players that when entering the game can be overwhelmed by the number of features and available content, this Play Guide gives them a handy overview of the type of primary quest chains, dungeons and other content available in the game that they can take part in as well as showing their progress for completion and the rewards that they will get. As well as this players can check out the Role Call element that shows them their login over the last week, if players log in on consecutive days then they gain permanent buffs for their character for the duration of the week depending on how many days they logged in.

From here we headed just outside the town and we were shown the basics of PVE, chaining together skill attacks to do added combos, the combat is all pretty intuitive for those who haven’t played it before and it requires directional targeting with no tab auto locking on to enemies, giving it the action MMORPG title. In the distance we could see a city that had been built by the Baraka race, which adds to the new lore and content coming with the expansion, which in itself will be the foundations for future content to be built upon.

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After we got used to the controls we were transported to the new zone , Val Oriyn, to the Ravenous Gorge, one of the new areas in the game that players will first see when they reach the new continent. The area is essentially a wild area overrun by nature and primitive races/ creatures/ monsters, a huge unexplored continent that hasn’t felt the touch of civilization but has become corrupted by the new Big Bad Guys, the Arch-Devas, illustrating the danger of this new enemy.

We were then teleported to a new place called the Infernal Span, a land of torment where the Arch-Devas are trying to destroy the world firing a huge magical laser into the sky trying to punch a hole into it and ruin the dream of TERA. Around the zone are the Demonkron, experiments from the Arch-Deva that are twisted versions of creatures that have become Frankenstein-esq abominations. Thankfully combat wasn’t too much of an issue for us as we were equipped with some of the best gear in the game for our classes.

Eventually we were transported to the new five man raid Bathysmal Rise, an ancient area that holds a weapon that the Arch-Deva are trying to get their hands on, and as the good guys (the Federation) we’re tasked with destroying it. Upon entering the dungeon we found ourselves in a partly destroyed cave area and got to check out the new Armored White Tiger mount that restores health when players ride it (handy when moving around in the raid). This is being given away through the Northern Initiative Pack to new and veteran players for anyone that logs in prior to the release of the Fate of Arun for a limited time and is accessible now.

All in all it was a great experience and other than the sound technical difficulties we had with Patrick’s mic the group were great fun, extremely welcoming and the entire event was a great experience. The new additions and added dungeon is going to be great for veteran players who, whilst maybe not all having the type of gear we had, will probably have much more experience and success fighting Fulminar! Keep your eyes open for the Fate of Arun expansion when it goes live on December 16th as it’s going to be an absolute riot!

We'll talk about Bathysmal Rise on a different article, so don't miss it. Click here to check it out. To be continued...

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