TERA Expansion Coming On December 16

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TERA Expansion Coming On December 16


Fate of Arun, the first expansion for TERA, will go live on December 16, featuring an increased level cap of 65 with all-new class skills, a new continent with new zones and dungeons,
a new type of battleground where two teams race to battle enemies in competitive PvE, and gameplay and crafting improvements.

Players will enjoy simplified enchanting, the ability to fuse unused crystals into powerful new

ones, and a new quest UI that streamlines 60-65 leveling allowing players to teleport right to the action, find groups, or turn in quests from any location.

For a limited time, veteran and new TERA players alike can log in to the game to get the Northern Initiative Pack for free. This limited time bonus includes rare potions, stamina restoring campfires, character buffing charms, and Fate, the exclusive HP-restoring white tiger mount. This offer expires when Fate of Arun launches, so get yours.



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