TERA Europe Catches Up with North America

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TERA Europe Catches Up with North America

The European version of TERA (published by Gameforge) is also getting a new starting zone and improved character creation. If you don't know what we are talking about, you should probably check out our impressions on the Lost Isle update HERE (North American version of TERA).

This update adds a new starting area, better character creation options with a direct overview of the later skills available and a new system that provides tips for returning players. The new starting area, Stepstone, takes players through a journey between levels 1 and 11 with a new storyline.

The update also introduces some changes to the social features in TERA. The chat channels are now personalised and make communication between players easier. The Looking for Group chat now only displays messages from other heroes who are within four levels of the player’s character. Furthermore, Private Chat channels now have a separate menu, and clicking on a chat tab automatically changes the channel.

For your information, as a reward, players who log in at least once during the patch week will receive a permanent Winged Band for free.

Watch the following video if you want to know more about this update:

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Source: Gameforge press Release.

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