TERA EU Attacked by Dragons

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TERA EU Attacked by Dragons


The European version of TERA has received a new content update, 'Attack of the Dragons', introducing a new 30-player raid, the reworked guild vs guild system, a revamp to the archer class, new flying areas and new club items.

The new raid, Harrowhold, is the greatest challenge in the game to date. It's divided into four phases, and will take players to face the ancient dragon Vergos. You can watch a preview in the new trailer you'll find below.

The archer class has been totally revamped. New skills have been added and several tweaks have been made.

This update also brings a new version of the guild vs guild system, which was temporarily disabled during this summer. Guilds can now fight each other again anywhere in the world of TERA.

Finally, the final zones in the world as now also accessible to flying mounts.

Source: Gameforge - TERA

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