Tera 7th anniversary events

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Tera 7th anniversary events

En Masse Entretainemt with Tera celebrates its seven-year anniversary this month, and with it, we have plenty of fun events planned.

Tera 7th Anniversary Events
Tera 7th Anniversary Events For North America Servers

Accumulated Daily Vanguard Event on Tera

Be sure to complete the daily anniversary Vanguard Requests each and every day to receive Celebration Tokens, Adventure Coins, Haste Coins, Apple Moon Smoothies, Strongbox Keys, a Big Badda Boom Box, Lordling Footsteps, a Record Label Smart Box, and more.

Weekly Starlyn's Event - Elin UI : (Level 65+ Players)

Week 1: Kalivan's Challenge and Shore Hold.
Week 2: Abscess (7-Person) and Corsairs' Stronghold.
Week 3: Ravenous Gorge (3-person) and Gridiron. (Gridiron is available only on Saturdays and Sundays)
Week 4: Lilith's Keep and Shore Hold.
Week 5: Velik's Hold (7-Person) and Corsairs' Stronghold.
Requirements: 10 clears of that week's Dungeon / 10 plays in that week's Battleground.
Reward: is 20x Celebration Tokens for the full completion of each type. (A total of 40x Celebration Tokens possible per week, and 200 Celebration Tokens possible throughout Event)

Leveling Vanguards (Level 20-64 Players)
Complete any of the following Vanguard Requests to receive two Celebration Token:

Complete the Bastion of Lok!
Complete Sinestral Manor!
Complete Saravash's Ascent!
Complete the Cultists' Refuge!
Complete the Necromancer Tomb!
Complete the Golden Labyrinth!
Complete Saleron's Sky Garden!

Take a tour across Tera in Search of Roving NPC Spawns

Starting in Val Aureum (Aurum Road and Colossal Ruins) and migrating counter-clockwise across the zones, be on the lookout for Terron Thrall, Terron Saboteur, Terron Thief, and Terron Ringleaders. Federation Scouts believe they'll be roaming TERA daily starting around 1PM pacific, and packing up around 9PM pacific.

Killing one can reward you with Strongbox Keys, On Fire Effect, On Ice Effect, Bling Tokens to purchase Bling Footsteps (Blingling Backpack added after maintenance on Tuesday, May 7th), and consumables.

Dungeon & Battleground Highlights (Weekends Only) here Tera

In addition to the normal double drop and Delver Coins, earn Ground Mounts during Dungeon Highlight.

Weekend 1: Dungeon Highlight—Bahaar's Sanctum, Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard), Antaroth's Abyss, RK-9 Kennel, Lilith's Keep (Hard), Thaumetal Refinery, Kalivan's Challenge, and Ghillieglade.

Weekend 2: Dungeon Highlight—Bahaar's Sanctum, Velik's Sanctuary (Hard), Antaroth's Abyss (7-Person), Broken Prison, Sky Cruiser Endeavor, Velik's Hold (7-Person), Abscess (7-Person), and Ghillieglade.

Weekend 3: Dungeon Highlight—Bahaar's Sanctum, Antaroth's Abyss (Hard), Red Refuge (Hard), Velik's Sanctuary, Dark Reach Citadel, Kalivan's Dreadnaught, Ravenous Gorge (3-Person), and Ghillieglade.

Weekend 4: Dungeon Highlight—Bahaar's Sanctum, Ruinous Manor (Hard), Shadow Sanguinary (Hard), Dark Reach Citadel (7-Person), Thaumetal Refinery (Hard), Lilith's Keep, Kalivan's Challenge, and Ghillieglade.

Weekend 5: Dungeon Highlight—Bahaar's Sanctum, Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard), Antaroth's Abyss (7-Person), Broken Prison, Sky Cruiser Endeavor, Velik's Hold (7-Person), Abscess (7-Person), and Ghillieglade

Battleground Spotlight Weekend 1-5—Corsairs' Stronghold, Shore Hold, and Gridiron.

Elin Archer Statue

During the Seventh Anniversary Event, we're giving away archer statues to lucky players! Each and every player has two ways of being selected to receive this rare piece of TERA memorabilia to decorate your game room:

Purchase one Contest Entry Receipt from the Celebration Token Shop. The Contest Entry Receipt qualifies you to be entered into a raffle for the elin archer statue as long as you have at least one Contest Entry Receipt somewhere on your account (any server, any character, inventory or bank). Whether you buy one or over nine thousand... You only get one entry!

You can also complete Bahaar's Sanctum for a chance to receive one of four Elin Figure Coupons. If luck shines upon you, Bahaar may drop an Elin Figure Coupon when defeated. When that occurs, be sure to pick it up immediately! This will guarantee you a real life elin archer statue—no raffle involved!

DISCLAIMER: Only players in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union are eligible to win the prizes. Winners agree to be responsible for any applicable taxes and duties. Standard TERA contest rules apply.

Source: En Masse Entertainment, Inc - Tera

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